Author: Michael Morphew

Maintenance Guidelines

In January of 2015 maintenance (alimony) guidelines were adopted by the Colorado legislature. Unlike the child support guidelines which must be followed in nearly all cases, the maintenance guidelines do not create a presumption, and are only advisory in nature. However, since these guidelines went into effect, my experience suggests that about 85-90% of maintenance cases are resolved through the use of the guidelines. Thus, the guidelines are very useful in predicting both the amount and duration of what a court might do if your situation involves maintenance to be paid from the higher income party to the lower income party.

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Advice to Parents

If you are going through a dissolution of your relationship and children are involved, I invite and strongly urge all parents to become child focused. There are 2 wonderful websites for parents, one for parents who are married and one for parents who are not. I strongly believe that a visit to the appropriate website and participation in the exercises will provide enlightenment and assistance in planning a better future for you and your children. For your convenience and prior to your mediation with me I have provided a link to my intake form which I would like you to complete before our first meeting.

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Michael C. Morphew

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I also wanted to tell you that both Carol Glassman and I had a conversation early in the afternoon where we both expressed how well you handled the mediation. That is a tough situation and requires a lot of skill on the part of the professionals. Great work
Dale E. JohnsonAttorney at LawLouisville, CO