Michael_MorphewI have been practicing law with my office in Boulder Colorado since 1974. I have lived in Boulder since 1966, when I first came here as an undergraduate at the University of Colorado. After graduating from law school in 1974, I had lived in Boulder for longer than any other place in my entire life because my father was in the military and we frequently moved. Boulder was and is my home.

During the first few years of my practice, I worked for a number of different attorneys in Boulder primary handling family law matters. In 1978 I accepted a position with the Boulder County District Attorney’s office in their child support enforcement unit, and was responsible for between 3,000 and 4,000 cases. I remained a deputy district attorney for about a year and then became associated with Thomas Day who, at that time, had been a long-time domestic relations lawyer in Boulder. Since my employment in the District Attorney’s office in 1978 my practice has been largely limited to family law issues although, from time to time, I help friends out on other legal matters.

Frequently, potential clients call and ask about my “style” or approach. Well, I’d say my style and approach depends upon your particular situation and unique needs, as I’m quite flexible and able to adjust my style accordingly. My overall philosophy is to make every effort to resolve the issues in each person’s situation in an affordable and cost effective manner that’s also creative and addresses that client’s particular needs… all in the name of fairness.

In family law, I believe the children should come first. I decline to use children as levers in order to gain an advantage on matters not related to the children (property division, debt division, and so on). It’s important that parents recognize and understand that parents do not get a divorce — spouses divorce. For this reason it’s important for the parents to maintain as great a degree as amicability as possible and to avoid hostility, particularly in the presence of children. It’s not fair to the children to encourage or create a fight. For me, the children come first.

While it’s my preference to work together with the attorney representing my client’s spouse and make every effort to creatively resolve their particular issues, I have no hesitation in preparing a case for trial and presenting my client’s position to a judge for his or her decision. Litigation is the fun part of what we do. I enjoy it but don’t encourage it.

Let’s face reality and be honest; there are times when two spouses or parents simply cannot reach an agreement and need the Court to make the ultimate decision. While litigation may be enjoyable for the attorneys, it’s certainly not a pleasant experience for the parties involved; it is very stressful and traumatic. If the people involved are also parents, litigation tends to push them further apart and as each assumes contrary positions and arguments, they become polarized and the conflict often continues well into the future.

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