• Fair play from neutral third party
  • Extremely affordable alternative to litigation
  • Maintain control of the situation
  • No court appearance necessary

Family Law Attorney

  • Dissolution of marriage (divorce)
  • Child and spousal support
  • Parental responsibilities (custody)
  • Property division, including complex issues such as business valuations, stock options, and division of retirement accounts
  • Paternity
  • Pre-marital and cohabitation agreements

What is a Family Law Attorney?

Most people don’t realize the financial consequences that accompany a divorce. At the law office of Michael C. Morphew, we prepare clients for life after divorce by explaining how marital assets and debts are likely to be apportioned, whether maintenance (alimony/spousal support) is a legitimate issue to be addressed and the factors that should and will be considered, how to calculate child support (yes, there’s a formula), how your taxes could be affected and, most importantly for those who have children, how to work jointly with the other parent so the children’s lives are least impacted by the separation of their parents.

Our concern in each and every divorce is protecting our client’s rights and interests, regardless of whether the matter is litigated in a courtroom or settled by agreement in mediation. We are dedicated to representing you and your rights.

In family law, the goal is resolution through negotiation and mediation, but family law attorney Michael Morphew is an experienced trial attorney who will take your case to court if that is the best option for you. A good and competent family law attorney must wear many hats: adviser and counselor to a ‘strong arm’, friend, therapist, economist… all while maintaining the ability to remain objective and provide good sound advice even when the client doesn’t want to hear it.

Protective Orders

Many times, emotions run high between a divorcing husband and wife, and things can get out of hand. While protective orders serve a purpose for individuals who feel threatened or have been the victims of violence, they are sometimes overused and abused in the court system. These orders are sometimes used to gain leverage in a divorce or custody battle and to remove the spouse and parent from the marital home.

If you are served with a temporary protective order, contact us immediately. There will quickly be a hearing at which we can advocate on your behalf or, better yet, negotiate a resolution without the need for a hearing. The objective will be to create an outcome which allows for essential contact between the spouses and permits parenting time with your children.

Pre-marital and Cohabitation Agreements

A high rate of divorce motivates many couples to be forward thinking regarding the prospect of their marriage ending. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are a proactive way to protect your assets should your marriage end in divorce. While few couples want to consider that option prior to or early in a marriage, completion of such an agreement can be a wise move in many instances.

We can answer all your questions about marital agreements and assist you in drafting the agreement that responds best to your needs. If you are considering cohabitating and intending to acquire property together or lease a residence in joint names you would be wise to learn if a written agreement is something you need.